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The apartment is located in the center of Athens is walking distance from the Acropolis and a copule of minues from the new museum and the ancient temple of Olympian Zeus with easy access to the metro station/

Central Greece. The element that characterizes Central Greece is undoubtedly the strong contrasts. The mountain villages with traditional stone style coexist with the wonderful coastal villages, creating images of unparalleled natural beauty. Karpenissi Amfissa, Chalkida, Arachova, Galaxidi are just some of the options that you have, all of them very charming, traditional noble but, yet, strikingly modern piece in benefits. Be our guest in AthensDesign Apartments and discover history and myth sit side by side with unsullied nature, great mountains, inviting you to imbibe on their fresh air and accept their many challenges. AthensDesign Apartments is located at Chatzichristou 25, Athens 11742, Greece, and from here as the ideal staring point you can discover and enjoy a wealth of archaeological sites, fascinating culture, spectacular coastline and picture-perfect scenery! Plan your visit in Central Greece for leisure or business, family or romantic holidays by booking a room with AthensDesign Apartments and ensure a most pleasant stay both in winter and summer.


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Central Greece. Mountains and plains make up the bulk of central and northern Greece. The main draw in central Greece is of course Delphi – not only the most important ancient site in Greece but one of the most dramatically sited, on the slopes of steep Parnassos and boasting glorious views to the sea. Book a room with AthensDesign Apartments and start planning your trip here! Historical landmarks and monuments, stone built settlements, exciting hiking trails, national parks, ski resorts, beaches with turquoise waters, traditional customs and flavours, all tell the story of one of the most beautiful regions in Greece. Whether you love driving, walking, swimming or you are just an enthusiast of all kind of sports, in AthensDesign Apartments you will discover where the heart of true Greece beats – while being enchanted by the variations of its landscape. Visit AthensDesign Apartments and you should realize why snapshots cannot do justice to the grandeur and serenity of the setting. Located at Chatzichristou 25, Athens 11742, Greece, AthensDesign Apartments, offers convenient access to the all major attractions by foot and by car. Our website: | Our Location: Chatzichristou 25, Athens 11742, Greece

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